Orientation starts for all Resident campers and parents at 4:00pm Sunday
afternoon in the Cypress chapel. If you choose to arrive early and there is
inclement weather, please wait in your car.The Chapel doors will open at
3:00pm. A staff member will seat you in the order that you arrive (you may not save seats).
Cabin assignments will not be available until after the 4:00pm orientation. Pre-sales will be available as listed below, not everyone will have the opportunity to pre-purchase snack cards, camp shirts, etc… before orientation starts. There will be plenty of time after orientation to do this. Snack Shack Order Form may only be turned in on Sundays at check in.

    3:00- Doors Open - Please reserve your seat BEFORE getting in the Snack Shack, Duck Race, Cabin Photo, or First aid line(s). To expedite pre-sales and to allow as many campers as possible to take advantage of the pre-sales, please hold all questions until after orientation.

    3:05- Snack Shack (Snack Shack Order Form), Duck Race (Duck Race Adoption Form), Cabin Photo (Cabin Photo Order Form), and First-Aid (Medical Form) lines will open.

    3:50- ALL pre-sale lines will close! (pre-sales are a courtesy) You will have an opportunity AFTER orientation to make purchases. Not everyone will be able to pre-purchase items.

    4:00- Please make sure you are back in your seats! Orientation will start with a Bang!
    Orientation will cover: Rules, Dress Code, Contact to/from Home, Pertinent Camp info, and Pick up

    After Orientation- Check-in will begin. We will release you in the order that you were seated to check-in. Please stay in your seat until you are released. The camper and the parent BOTH need to complete the entire check-in process together.

  1. Check-in – A staff member will direct you to the correct check in table. If you owe a balance you can pay it at this time. Make checks payable to Life For Youth Camp (LFYC), do not include snack money or picture money in your camp fee checks. Your Cabin Assignment will be given to you at this time. Please make sure your child keeps their Cabin Assignment in their hand to complete the check-in process.

  2. Cabin Photo – If you would like to purchase a picture of your child's cabin, just fill out the Sunrise MMP order form and drop it off here. Pictures will be taken Sunday evening before chapel.

  3. Duck Race – If you would like to adopt a duck or a flock of ducks for our annual fundraiser, this is the place. All proceeds go to the Life For Youth Camp expansion fund. Duck Race Adoption Forms can be turned in to this table or dropped off/mailed to the office any time.

  4. Temperature Check – Your camper must be fever free for 24 hours to be admitted into camp. If the camper is fever free they will get their Cabin Assignment signed and move on to the next station.

  5. First-Aid – ALL Campers MUST complete and turn in a Medical Form before attending camp. All medications, vitamins, and topical creams must be turned in at this time. We encourage you to mail your Medical Form in ahead of time, with your registration form.

  6. Lice Check – All Campers will get their heads checked for lice, if lice free they will need to get their Cabin Assignment signed. If evidence of nits or lice is found they will not be admitted to camp until they have successfully completed treatment including removal of all nits.

  7. Greeters – If you are a new camper and need help finding your cabin, a staff member will help you to your cabin. Parents will get to meet their child’s counselor and help them make their bed.

  8. Snack Shack – If you did not get a chance to pre-purchase your snack tickets or need to get them laminated, head over to the snack shack. Snack Shack Order Form (snack shack order forms may not be mailed in)

  9. Parents - Leave your child with their counselor at their cabin and have a safe trip home.

    6:00- Supper for the campers

    After Supper- Track Sign up begins (view sample track from summer 2012). Available tracks change from week to week. The camper’s cabin counselor will have your session’s tracks available in your cabin.

    Cabin Pictures

    7:30- Chapel

click here to open a printable pdf of the check-in procedure