retreat rules  

Life for Youth Camp came about through prayer, dedication, and sacrifice.
The entire facility has been dedicated to the Lord for your enjoyment and
spiritual growth. Please use, but don’t abuse. Here is a list of rules and information. Make sure
these are relayed to each of your retreat participants. You are welcome to copy the pdf (linked at the end) for your own handouts.

  1. We suggest that the group leader carry a cell phone for contact to and from home. The camp’s office phone number is 772-567-2446. You may give this number to your retreat participants; however, we are often out of the office assisting our retreat groups. We have an answering machine and will relay messages to the group leader as we receive them.

  2. The Snack Shack and Gift Store will be open during scheduled activity times. Additional time available upon request.

  3. The golf carts are for LFYC staff only. Please keep off.

  4. Any damage such as graffiti, broken windows, etc. will be billed to your group. Shaving cream fights, toothpaste fights, silly string fights, water balloon fights, and things along these lines ARE NOT PERMITTED here at camp. Please also note that your group will be charged $50.00 for each fire extinguisher found in your cabins or meeting room that has been discharged.

  5. Activities are scheduled for certain times. Make sure everyone knows when they are. Armbands are required. The wall, waterslide, boats, and swimming dock areas, etc. are off limits except during scheduled times. The Spider Web is off limits!

  6. Noah's Barn has lots of farm animals you can look at. Please stay out of the animal enclosures. Animals may bite.

  7. Swim only in designated areas during pre-arranged times. A qualified lifeguard must be present. If providing your own lifeguard, we (LFYC) must have a copy of their certification on file in advance.

  8. If your group chooses to rent the game room, you will be responsible for all of the equipment in the game room. Before you leave, an LFYC staff member will check to make sure all of the equipment is accounted for.

  9. Absolutely no food, drinks, glitter, or glue in the carpeted meeting rooms or chapels. We have pavilions with tables and lights for your snacks, crafts, and drinks. At one pavilion we have a locked storage area with refrigeration, sink, and counter space available.

  10. Candles are prohibited in all buildings, including meeting rooms and cabins. This is in accordance with the Indian River County Fire Marshal.

  11. Line up on the lakeside of the dining hall for meals. Shoes and shirts must be worn. If you want to be guaranteed food, be there on time. Seconds are available if you take your tray back through the serving line. We start serving seconds as soon as the line ends.

  12. Everyone must wear the LFYC armbands to all meals in order to be served. Please ask participants to have their identification ready to be checked at the door. Any participant that has lost or destroyed his or her armband must be accompanied by the retreat leader to discuss cost of replacement. Extra guests or day guests please call Stephanie in advance for prices.

  13. Cabins are segregated. No males in female cabins. No females in male cabins. Christian courtesy should be practiced towards others sharing the grounds.

  14. DO NOT go into any cabin that is not assigned to your group. Any unauthorized usage of empty cabins will result in an additional charge for the cleaning.

  15. Quiet time is 11:00 pm.

  16. Absolutely NO pets allowed on grounds.

  17. ALCOHOL AND DRUGS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED. We prefer there be no smoking while here on the grounds. However, if you must, there is NO SMOKING IN ANY BUILDING.

  18. In case of a medical emergency, LFYC has an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) located in the dining hall.

  19. The gate is closed from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. The group leader will have a code for entrance during these times.


  • Bible—notebook, pen/pencil

  • Bedding—pillow, sleeping bag, or sheets and blanket

  • Toiletries—toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, brush, shampoo, soap, deodorant, razor, hair dryer, etc. No shaving cream, silly string, water balloon, or toothpaste fights allowed.

  • Towels and washcloth

  • Clothing—underwear, socks, athletic clothes, jeans, dress clothes, sleepwear

  • Jacket or sweatshirt

  • Shoes—tennis shoes, sandals, etc.

  • Swimwear (modest)—sunscreen, sunglasses, hat

  • Rain gear—umbrella

  • Camp stuff—flashlight, insect repellent, Kleenex, camera

  • Personal medications

  • Spending money for Snack Shack and Gift Shop

  • A good attitude, servant spirit, and a desire to grow in Christ


  • First-aid kit—Band-aids, ointment, ace bandage, safety pins, pain reliever, cough drops, etc...

  • Balance money due

  • Cabin roster

  • Matches for campfire

  • Water coolers

  • Rainy day games/videos

  • Sports equipment needed for game field

  • Medical/emergency information on each retreat participant

  • Cell Phone

  • Material for your program, decorations for theme, prizes, etc...

  • Extension cords and/or power strips

  • A good attitude, servant spirit, and a desire to grow in Christ

click here to open a printable pdf of the above rules and information
click here to open a printable pdf of the recommended items to bring